The Mission

Heart of Valor is inspired by the courage of those who are fighting or have fought the ultimate battle for our protection. 

We will honor these heroes by providing memorable bonding and healing experiences that will offer an outlet to ease some of the burden brought to them through their sacrifices along with programs developed to assist them in areas where they may struggle.  We will encourage the healing process through time spent with other warriors who have experienced similar challenges.  ​This mission will be accomplished by following the same standards we vowed to uphold in our oath to our country. 

Heart of Valor will show our heroes the depth of our gratitude for their service, sacrifice, and dedication. There is no medication, conversation, or exercise that can provide relief from what they have endured better than time spent with those that can truly relate to their experiences. This time together can only encourage the healing process that they so richly deserve.

Heart Of Valor is dedicated to serving and helping to meet the needs of those brothers, sisters, and children who are facing a challenge.  We support and honor those feeling tested by life's struggles.  It is our privilege and pleasure to extend our helping hand to ease a burden for those in need.  We are warriors giving to warriors. 

Through various events and activities, we will raise awareness for our cause as well as assist similar causes in our community to promote theirs as we are all supporting the same battle.

Heart of Valor

Honoring the heroism of those who serve and protect.