In October of 2015, I went to my son’s school, Benjamin Franklin Charter High School and asked Principal McAfee if he thought we might get our student body to collect some goodies to send to a specific group of troops in Iraq.  With zero hesitation Mr. McAfee said that his students and faculty were up to the task.  Because this was a random last minute thought and my timing was less than stellar, this occurred right before the two week fall break which really limited our time to gather our package.  When the students returned from break I met with the student council and they immediately jumped to action.  Their immediate concern of course was “How the heck are we were going to figure out how to gather a bunch of items AND be able to afford to ship it?”   We met with the entire student body at a school assembly and these kids were very enthusiastic in their response to take on this project and do it quickly.

After a few Facebook posts on my personal page as well as our Heart of Valor Facebook page, our task at hand was out there for the world to see.  One evening shortly after this announcement of the project, I received a phone call from our very dear friend Greg Hector who happens to be a DC Manager II for HD Supply Facilities Maintenance in Phoenix.  Greg was calling to inform me that he had gone to the powers-that-be at his company and told them about our project.  Once again, with ZERO hesitation, upper management at HD Supply approved the plan to PACKAGE AND SHIP OUR ENTIRE SHIPMENT TO IRAQ!  I hung up the phone in tears and could not believe the incredible generosity of so many good people in our little world.  You can only imagine how fun it was for me to inform the Student Council Advisor and Athletic Director, Jeremy Strong and the Student Council President, Tyler Jorgensen that they could remove shipping from the equation and focus solely on collecting treats for our troops.  Both of these gentlemen were as excited as me. 

Below you will see the slide show of all that took place in the collection, delivery, packing and shipping of 900LBS of items collected in hope of bringing a few pieces of home to a few hundred troops selflessly sacrificing time from their homes to protect and defend the freedom we live daily. 

 It is with the most heartfelt sincerity that I thank the students, their families and the staff of Benjamin Franklin Charter High School for absolutely stepping up their game and bringing in a TREMENDOUS amount of treats and games.  The AMAZING volunteer associates and management at HD Supply Facilities Maintenance in Phoenix left our organization in awe of your generosity and participation in “Operation Thank You”.  This level of support of our military and our cause is beyond measure and I am so proud to be part of such a wonderful community.

Samantha Kemp
Operations Manager
Heart Of Valor, Inc.

San Tan Ford

Photo gallery of the amazing NHRA VIP weekend provided by our friends at San Tan Ford.

Phoenix Channel 3 interview with Samantha Kemp of Heart Of Valor  and Army Veteran and Winning Warrior, Denny Waller.  Denny served in the Army from 1964-1968 and we appreciate his service!!!

We have been very blessed in several opportunities so far to film and document some of our fun adventures with military and veteran supporting companies in providing unique packages for very deserving military members.   See our gallery below for highlights......

San Tan Ford & Heart Of Valor Nominate A Warrior NHRA weekend!

​​June 2015: 

Heart Of Valor partnered withUS Outdoorsman Central and The Pursuit Channel in providing a shark fishing adventure to a lucky winning member of US Outdoorsman Central.  Our trip winner, Mark Altman is a decorated Army Veteran from Alabama and it was a pleasure to have him aboard.  US Outdoorsman Central owner and Army Veteran Dan Leonard joined us from his headquarters in New York along with West Coast Pro-Staffer Greg Hector for the big trip.   We thank The Pursuit Channel for generously providing air fare for Mr. Altman as well as airing our episode on their network.  A giant shout out to Dave Trimble, owner of On The Fly Fishing Charters in San Diego for his extremely generous donation of his expertise and time in providing this trip.   See our shark fishing episode here:  

February 2015:

Our amazing friends at San Tan Ford partnered with Heart Of Valor in our 2nd Nominate A Warrior campaign.  San Tan Ford very generously donated a full weekend's VIP package for our winning Warrior.  The package included a brand new 2015 Mustang convertible for the weekend and an opportunity to be at the San Tan Ford suite on the starting line at the NHRA national race February 20-22.   Majerle's of Chandler hosted a wonderful party and allowed us to choose our winning warrior.  Our winner was Army veteran, Denny Waller.  As with all Nominate A Warrior campaigns, the person who nominated is invited to join in the adventure.  As it turns out, Denny's lovely bride Suzie nominated him and of course joined him for the weekend.  The Wild Horse Pass Sheraton very generously donated a room for our winning couple and the weekend provided us all with many memories.    


Heart of Valor

Honoring the heroism of those who serve and protect.

Wild Horse Pass Sheraton

Majerle's, Chandler

​​US Outdoorsman Central

​​On The Fly Fishing Charter

Photo Gallery of Operation Thank You

Wally Cahill, Motorsports Mania, Phoenix.

The Pursuit Channel