Heart of Valor

Honoring the heroism of those who serve and protect.


The transition process back to civilian life after deployment will be different for each individual.  For some it may take weeks and for some it may take many years.  Heart of Valor will partner and build a network with other organizations who also understand that the needs of military families will be different and constantly changing.  Heart Of Valor's network will be continually developing and growing to accommodate those needing a hand up.  Whether someone is just returning from deployment or has been back for many years, if they are in need, we are here to do what we can to assist.  

We have aligned ourselves with organizations developed specifically to assist in the transition process ranging from employment seeking to counseling and family assistance through the emotional adjustments to everyday life and new routines.  Building our Heart of Valor network is our passion and priority and we look forward to accepting requests from families in need to help facilitate solutions to issues that will enable their comfort, productivity, and peace of mind.  


Can you imagine being a military parent that receives that knock on the door?  Can you even fathom what it feels like to open the door to the uniform before you explaining that your child will not return from their deployment?  This is a cruel reality being faced daily by our brave Moms and Dads.  There are no words for pain this harsh.  ​There have been many stories re-told to us from soldiers saying that in those final moments when they thought that the end of their journey had come, the only thing they could think of was “What is this going to do to my Dad?” or “How will my mom possibly deal with this?”. 
​Heart of Valor will offer a different knock on the door saying “Your bags are packed and you’re coming with us!”   We want that parent to come out and experience something different when they open the door to us.  Our knock will give them the recognition that they are understood and we support them.  They will spend time aboard ‘Predator’ and ‘Predator II’ with brothers and sisters who are serving our country and know best what their child faced.  We want to honor their child’s service and sacrifice and above all, we want Mom and Dad to know that they are not alone.​


We will offer community members and businesses an opportunity to sponsor a veteran for our Decompression Mission.  This campaign will allow the sponsor to nominate the deserving veteran to be taken out by our volunteer Navy SEALs for fishing, story-telling, reminiscing, bonding and healing time with warriors who know first-hand the battles they have faced.​